Cuba’s Fidel Restates Alert on Iran

HAVANA TIMES, July 5 — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro, the top advisor to his brother Raul’s government, reiterated his recent warning Sunday that the United States and Israel are planning an attack soon against Iran.

Castro said last week that under the cover of the euphoria over the World Cup Soccer tournament, a new conflict is brewing with US and Israeli warships in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

“The people of Iran, a nation with ancient cultural traditions, will undoubtedly defend itself from the aggressors.  It’s hard to understand that Obama may seriously believe that it would yield to his demands,” writes Fidel Castro.

“The president of Iran and its religious leaders will resist, drawing inspiration from the Islamic Revolution headed by Ruhollah Khomeini, the creator of the Guardians of Revolution, the modern Armed Forces and the new State of Iran,” he noted.

To read Fidel Castro’s warning click here.

2 thoughts on “Cuba’s Fidel Restates Alert on Iran

  • It is seriously-deluded calculations like this one which lead directly to the downfall of empires. Of course, a lot of blood is spilt in the meantime…

    Let me also add that the marxist critics of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution and government have a point, when the leaders of ostensible socialist revolutions exhibit too cozy and understanding a relationship with reactionary “revolutionary” regimes like the iranian one. All the moreso one based on religious revanchism (at least politically).

  • Reuters runs a story today with names of different companies that have stopped doing business with Iran. The move to put on a stranglehold could be seen as another prelude to military action.

    See the Reuters article at:

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