Cuba’s Fidel Slams Mubarak for Pillaging

HAVANA TIMES, Feb. 14 — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has come out with a sharp attack on deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak accusing him of massive corruption and plundering his country with the complicity of several United States governments.

In a commentary published today in the Cuban press, Castro welcomed the “brave struggle” of the Egyptian people “for their political rights and social justice.”  He also slammed Mubarak for “oppressing and plundering his own people, was the enemy of the Palestinians and an accomplice of Israel” and for being the “principal ally of the United States in the ranks of the Arab countries.”

In 2009, current Cuban President Raul Castro handed over the leadership of the 118-member Non Aligned Movement (NAM) to Hosni Mubarak for Egypt for a three-year term.