Cuba’s Film School Shaken by Corruption

HAVANA TIMES – An audit at the International School of Film and Television (EICTV) of Cuba uncovered serious irregularities leading to the arrest of three employees and the resignation of the director.

According to the La Jiribilla webpage Deputy Culture Minister Fernando Rojas revealed that the employees were caught with “large sums of money in various currencies, virtual warehouses of beverages in their homes, cars bought with illegal income, and even a house completely renovated with the profits from the criminal activity.”

The deputy minister also denounced the illegal payment of wages, bank withdrawals made “without authorization” and “unwarranted” expenses unrelated to teaching at the EICTV, located in San Antonio de los Baños on the outskirts of Havana.

The results of the investigation were presented to students and teachers at the beginning of last week.

From the EICTV website.

According to EFE, EICTV sources confirmed Monday that its director, Guatemalan filmmaker Rafael Rosal, no longer hold that position, and that in the coming days the Advisory Board of the Foundation of New Latin American Cinema will appoint his replacement.

The entry of new students for the next regular course has been postponed until 2014, said the note. The EICTV is known for having given Latin America some of its acclaimed filmmakers.