Cuba’s Ladies in White Upset with Kerry

By Fernando Ravsberg

A group of the Ladies in White.  Photo: Tracey Eaton
A group of the Ladies in White. Photo: Tracey Eaton

HAVANA TIMES — Berta Soler, the head of Cuba’s Ladies in White organization, declared that “every negotiation process requires concessions from both parts. However, the United States has given everything while Cuba has offered nothing (…) They haven’t set down any conditions and we’re already seeing the results of this. No dissident was invited to the embassy reopening ceremony.”

“Following a decision stemming from pressures applied on Washington by the Cuban government, Cuba invited over 500 people to the official reopening of the US embassy in Havana. Everyone is entitled to invite who they please to their own home, which is why it’s a little disquieting this isn’t the case in the home of the United States in Havana. It is yet another demonstration of the pressure Cuba is applying on the US to keep us out of the loop. They’re only going to invite some civil society representatives to a more private function at the residence of the US ambassador in Cuba,” said Soler.

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  • Except in the USA where an African American life is not worth very much anywhere; another Black kid got shot 6 times last week for “trying to escape false arrest by White cops while Black”, there wasn’t even a chase. What a contrast, one Cuban “dissident” with a small but bloody face laceration and a 17-year old Black kid shot at 10 times and hit 6 times by cops investigating a call of a disturbance and “possible gun” which was never “found” until 2 days later somewhere in the opposite direction of where these children where coming from. There is just no comparison, Cuba has a much better civil and minority rights record than you do in the USA by a country mile!

    I cut my teeth in the Civil Rights Movement of the USA, tried to contribute positively to that country before I realized what a waste of time it is; maybe Charlie Manson was right after all and there is going to be a Race War in the USA.

  • To certain degree, I stand corrected.

  • Plenty of Cuban dissidents have shed blood, Moses. Did you not see the photographs of Antonio Rodilas a few weeks ago?

  • Yup! Agree totally!!! The Civil Rights movement hasn’t stopped moving!!

  • The Ladies of White and other dissidents receive a lot of money from the U.S. Government(Helms-Burton) to stir up trouble. These dissidents have a much higher standard of living than other Cubans. The Miami hardliners love it when dissidents are detained because it gives them an excuse not to advocate diplomatic ties between Cuba and the U.S.

  • How do you measure liberty?

  • One man’s trouble-maker is another man’s freedom fighter. Cuba is a beggar nation with a long history of depending on handouts to survive. While I support the Ladies in White and their mission, I am disappointed but not surprised by their criticism of Secretary Kerry. They want the US to legitimize their status with an invitation. Only by blood sacrifice did US Presidents begin to acknowledge the leaders of the Civil Rights movement. Sra. Soler will have to work harder and sacrifice more if they are to be taken seriously on Cuba.

  • Why should those troublemakers be invited to this historic event? Kerry offered to meet with these U.S. Mercenaries after the ceremony and still the dissidents are not satisfied. You give them an inch and they want a mile.

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