Cuba’s Main Servers Crash, again

ETECSA (5)HAVANA TIMES — Users of Cuba’s two main internet providers Nauta and Enet, both belonging to the State monopoly telecommunications company ETECSA, woke up today without service, something which also happened for several days at the end of November.

The following is the brief text of the statement issued today by ETECSA, published in the official media.

ETECSA Services Down

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba SA (ETECSA) reports that since the early morning of January 7 there has been instability in the email service from the @nauta and @enet servers. Company technicians are working around the clock to stabilize the service.

As a preventive measure, the company has also limited access to the email service from the cellular network in order to avoid undue charges to the accounts of users.

Once the repairs are made the company will use official channels to notify the population.

ETECSA Communications Office

3 thoughts on “Cuba’s Main Servers Crash, again

  • Wolf,

    I you are with a US based firm, your offer of financing would be illegal under the US embargo as it prohibits sales on credit. Cash sales only are allowed.

    Also, you are assuming the Cuban government wants to have a functional modern IT system. They don’t. They want just enough internet as they can handle, monitor and censor.

  • Wolf, ETECSA is a state monopoly company and answers to the Ministry of Information and Communications. You should probably take no answer as meaning NO for now.

  • I have sent these people email after email stating that I would like to either partner with them or simple to sell to them all the modern Servers, Towers, Satellite space or any other related type of communications equipment including computers and cell phones. AND, we would offer financing if required. So far, no reply. What’s wrong with these folks? I will be happy to partner with anyone in Cuba with IT experience AND connections with the Castros, ETECSA, Enet, and NAUTA. We are NOT a manufacturer or any big name in the IT Industry, however we do deal with every single such manufacturer in the world and we can engage talent from anyone that we might need to build/re-build Cuba’s entire IT system from the ground up and that is exactly what Cuba needs at this point.

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