Cuba’s Posada Carriles to Present His Case in El Paso

HAVANA TIMES, March 24— Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban exile militant, widely known in Latin America as the leading terrorist in the Americas, has begun his defense in a trial for perjury in El Paso, Texas.

Posada snuck into the US in 2005 after receiving a pardon the previous year from outgoing Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso. He had been imprisoned in Panama for events surrounding an assassination attempt of then Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Associated Press reports on Thursday that the US government rested its case which included 23 witnesses over an 11-week period.

“Luis Posada Carriles, 83, is an anti-communist militant considered ex-Cuban President Fidel Castro’s nemesis. He was born on the communist island but now is Public Enemy No.1 there, featured on propaganda billboards,” noted AP.

During its initial presentation of evidence, the prosecution noted Posada’s many years working with or associated with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in undercover US government programs in Latin America.