Cuba’s Van Van Salsa Tonight in Miami

LOS VAN VAN are Cuba's most popular dance band. Photo Granma daily.

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 31 — Cuba’s most famous salsa band Los Van Van perform in concert tonight at the James L. Knight Center in Miami.

In statements to a local Miami radio station the band’s director Juan Formell said the group is willing to share the stage with Cuban musicians living off the island, reported IPS.

Los Van Van are carrying out three prelude concerts (tonight is the second) before embarking on a 70-concert tour in numerous cities of the United States starting in April.

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One thought on “Cuba’s Van Van Salsa Tonight in Miami

  • As a Puerto Rican I was at the concert and it was great ,and I had the privilege at being at front row seats.
    These cubans are a class act and they were extremely respectful and dispalyed grace ,in the entire concert.
    I hope we are able to see them in future concerts in the United States. Futhermore, I hope that the Cuban government allows American Artist to perform in the country off Cuba as well.

    To conclude I desire that Americans as well as Cubans place there deffirences aside and realize that we are all human and that we certainly enjoy art and music. Viva Los Van Van and in specially Yenisel Valdes
    what a great talent, and singer she also has a beautiful face.

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