Cuba’s Yoani Sanchez Issues ‘Ultimatum’

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez on Thursday issued a statement to Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior demanding official explanations for her 19 consecutive denials of permission to leave the country, reported Europa Press.

“The deadline is 60 days, but in my case the immigration office has not responded in 18 months,” said Sanchez, referring to a letter she sent in November 2010 to the Office Immigration and Foreign Affairs in which she asked for the same explanations.

The Ministry of the Interior is formally bound to respond to her questions; otherwise the opposition will introduce a lawsuit against the office, both nationally and internationally.

Sanchez publishes the Generation Y website and trains other bloggers in the use new technologies. She lives in Havana.


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  • I wish her all the best. How can foreigners support her effort?

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