Cuba’s Young Communists Amend Bylaws

HAVANA TIMES — The Young Communist League of Cuba (UJC) approved new statutes during a meeting of the national organization’s plenary held in Havana over the weekend, reported Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

In the presence of Cuban First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, the bylaws of the UJC were discussed and revised to give more independence and prominence to local chapters of the organization, said the article.

Among the changes is the right of members to remain in the organization even if they aren’t working or studying, the possibility of temporary leaves-of-absence for less than a year at the request of the member, as well as being able to travel for up to two years without being suspended from the organization.

According to the report, the statutes were approved “after extensive consultation with members of the organization throughout the country” in order to adapt to “the new dynamics of life in Cuba.”