Dangerous Cuban Prisoner on the Loose

HAVANA TIMES, March 8 – Former inmate Yoel Gonzalez Vargas, one of the 2,900 criminals pardoned by Raul Castro in December, is a fugitive from justice after being accused of assault, reported the Café Fuerte website.

Gonzalez Vargas escaped from police custody on the morning of February 28, said an official who did not reveal his identity. “Apparently someone on the outside helped him. He took a gun and fled, leaving the guards on duty locked in the infirmary,” added the agent.

Leaflets with a picture of Vargas were distributed in the neighborhood by the authorities, and police acknowledged that they have issued a shoot to kill order “should he offer resistance at the moment of his recapture.”

According to a correspondent with Hablemos Press, many people have questioned why authorities decided to release Vargas along with the others pardoned by the Cuban president.