Dayron Robles Loses Due to Injury

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban runner Dayron Robles suffered an unexpected pulled muscle when taking the fifth hurdle as he competed in the final of the 110-meter hurdle run, thus dashing the hopes of the Cuban idol and world record holder.

“I felt great, and my progress in reaching the finals had been encouraging. With 13.10, my best time of the season, I had been able to win. But suddenly I felt pain in my hamstring, and now in my right thigh,” said Robles to reporters.

Meanwhile, his teammate Orlando Ortega came in sixth place at 13.43 seconds, while the gold medal went to the hands of US runner Aries Merritt, who came in at an impressive time of 12.94 seconds.

Thus Cuba lost another of its chances for a medal at the London Olympic Games, with this defeat occurring on the same day that the island’s pole-vaulter Lazaro Borges was eliminated from the competition.

Borges was unable to regain his concentration after his pole split in three during one of his jumps.  He was not injured.