Did nearly 1,000 Die When Hurricane Maria Hit Puerto Rico?

Destruction from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. Photo: Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – The government of Puerto Rico said on Monday that it will launch an official body count of those who died with the passing of Hurricane Maria last September 20th.

At first greatly underestimated by the authorities, several investigations maintain that nearly 1,000 people died in the storm, reports Democracy Now.

“This comes as the Center for Investigative Journalism in Puerto Rico reported this week that, close to three months since the storm, 45 people are still listed as missing, and efforts by Puerto Rico’s police to locate them have been minimal or almost nonexistent.”

2 thoughts on “Did nearly 1,000 Die When Hurricane Maria Hit Puerto Rico?

  • The showcase of democracy in the 1960s-70s is again the poorhouse of the Caribbean….thanks to it permanent colonial situation.

  • I should point out that Puerto Ricans can move to the US freely and vote when they are there.
    But in terms of political life in the US people living in Puerto Rico are nobodies. And this is underlined when a president is elected on openly racist ideas.

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