Direct Maritime Shipments from Miami to Havana Begin

HAVANA TIMES — The first direct maritime shipment in over a half century between Miami and Havana will leave out on the ship Santa Cecilia, which is loaded with humanitarian aid for the island, and will arrive in port on Thursday.

The shipments will take place on a regular weekly basis and the cost to shippers will be US $5.99 per pound. Deliveries to recipients in Cuba will be made through the company CubaPACK.

The Miami-based company International Port Corp obtained licenses to perform these operations, which are opening an unprecedented floodgate in limited trade relations between the two countries.

Up until now commercial shipments had been limited to US agricultural products purchased by the Cuban government.


2 thoughts on “Direct Maritime Shipments from Miami to Havana Begin

  • a Ro-Pax car ferry could bring anything into cuba including american products from friendly ports through middle men. Ro-Pax car ferries don’t need expensive ports with cranes for shipping containers. they are roll-on…..roll off. all you need is fork-lifts. hugo chavez bought russian submarines for the shipping embargo which doesn´t benefit anyone including american businesses. submarines don’t carry cargo. there’s a british car ferry cruise ship in the mediterranean and malaysian star cruises operates 2 gambling car ferry cruise ships from hongkong and thailand. the last time i looked into this there was a 900 car-1,400 passenger car ferry for sale. that would be the equivalent of about 250 or so 40 foot shipping containers. china and south korea have car ferries and there are many routes in europe and political problems in north africa and no more duty-free on ferries may mean low second hand prices in europe. cruise passengers pay for the freight. free transport and there would be a profit too.

  • Thank you for your posting. The correct name is the Ana Cecilia. For more information about the services offered by IPC please call 305-635-0145.

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