Discontent with Electoral Representation

HAVANA TIMES, June 11 — The National Electoral Commission affirmed in a report handed over to the Council of State that it was not satisfied with the presence of women, young people and black and mestizo persons among the elected in the recent partial elections because they are below their weight within the Cuban population, reported IPS.

One thought on “Discontent with Electoral Representation

  • The problem, of course, stems in large part from the lack of proper socialist participatory democracy at the grassroots, community council level. A dialectical-materialist understanding of social relations should have demonstrated to the cuban bureaucracy long ago that, only by intensive dialog starting at this level — and decisions consequently taken there — can socialist democracy truly become a concrete social force, with concrete roots sunk in the mode of production producing the requisite democratic socialist relations of production — and all else which flows naturally from that.

    Of course, we’re necessarily assuming here that the cuban bureaucracy have every intention of remaining/becoming good socialists themselves, and want to see this vital process thru to the end.

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