Distribution of Rationed Protein Products in Havana (Feb. 3-9)

Butchers. Photo: Juan Suárez

HAVANA TIMES — Besides their quota of rice, sugar and a small amount of beans or chick peas, Havana residents also receive a monthly list of “protein products” with their ration booklet. He is the official distribution info for the period February 3-9.

CHICKEN: (one pound for consumers over 14 years and also for those persons under doctor’s orders). Distribution concludes in the municipalities of La Lisa, Centro Habana and San Miguel, and Distribution in Habana del Este, Boyeros and Marianao.

GROUND BEEF: (1 lb for children 0 to 13 years). Distribution in Plaza, Playa and Centro Habana.

MORTADELLA (½ pound per consumer) : Distribution  in Diez de Octubre , Regla and Habana Vieja.

EGGS (5 for consumer and extra for those under doctor’s orders): Distribution in Guanabacoa, Habana del Este, and Diez de Octubre.

CHICKEN for FISH (11 ounces per consumer plus 6 pounds of frozen fish with head and tail for children from 0 to 18 under doctor’s orders).  Distribution in Playa, Cerro , La Lisa and Marianao.


One thought on “Distribution of Rationed Protein Products in Havana (Feb. 3-9)

  • From what I have read, the distribution of these products is supposed to rotate such that people in all districts eventually receive their rations. However, the stocks usually run out before all localities get their shipments. In addition to the low productivity of Cuban agriculture, embezzlement and theft by corrupt officials accounts for a good deal the loss.

    When we read that rationing like this continues in Cuba now for over 50 years, we can be certain that government statistics about low infant mortality rates and huge graduating classes of high quality medical personal are lies & propaganda. A system which cannot produce a glass of milk for every citizen cannot produce thousands of doctors.

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