Drought Has Cuba on Alert

HAVANA TIMES, June 4 — The Cuban authorities made a call to strengthen water saving faced by the ongoing drought since November 2008, reported IPS.  The month of May closed with barely 49 per cent of the historic average rainfall, which has led to the country’s reservoirs only containing 41 per cent of their capacity.

One thought on “Drought Has Cuba on Alert

  • If your country were a garden-variety U.S.-backed ‘electoral’ dictatorship, the mass of the people would simply be allowed to die of thirst, if they couldn’t afford to buy contaminated bilge-water from some local entrepreneurial goons — and then die in large numbers as hillsides collapse and wash away in the ensuing hurricane floods. As it is, even a very poor country pretending to socialism should/will be able to at least tough such a prolonged drought out.

    And I think the cuban government is probably — and should be — planning to capture as much rain as possible from the coming hurricanes this season. Best of luck, people.

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