Dry Run for Cuba’s Municipal Elections

By Circles Robinson

Presidential office from another era. Photo: Rafique

HAVANA TIMES, April 15 — A test of the election organization takes place this coming Sunday throughout Cuba in preparation for voting for local representatives a week later on April 25.

The National Election Commission announced that it will verify its’ logistical support and the training of polling authorities to administer the vote.

Municipal elections in Cuba take place like clockwork every two and a half years without campaigns, advertising or debates.  The same goes for the parliamentary elections every five years.

Candidates are nominated at neighborhood meetings and there are a minimum of two and a maximum of eight for each delegate position.  The candidates one-page biographies are posted on public buildings for voters to consider.

A percentage of the delegates will go on to be city council members.

Cuba’s elections are technically non-partisan although it is almost impossible to get elected if you do not have the blessing of the local Communist Party leaders.

Grade school students keep symbolic watch at the polling stations and assist those requiring help.