HAVANA TIMES – Mairelys Gomez Cuevas, an editor who put the print edition of Granma newspaper to bed on many nights, took advantage of a trip abroad to leave Cuba and take refuge in Miami, reports the Café Fuerte website on Friday.

Cuevas, 27, arrived last Sunday in Miami after crossing the Mexican border and seeking asylum from US authorities. She had arrived to Mexico on September 12th invited to an event, with the permission of the managers of Granma, noted Café Fuerte.

In another loss of a journalist, Luis Lopez Viera, sports editor of the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, sought political asylum in London in August after covering the Cuban delegation at the Olympic Games.


8 thoughts on “Editor Leaves “Granma” for Miami

  • You blame the shrinking and aging ” “Cuban lobby” on the “absolutely unfair” privilege that illegal Cuban émigrés receive. And their motivation is? Presumably not to increase the size of Little Cuba with fresh blood that turns its nose up at their out of date, corrupted cuisine and customs.

    There are other equally powerful lobbies in swing states, including Florida, who desire to see the blockade dropped, to no avail.

    The American government typically hides behind groups that work to accomplish what it wants, both internally and overseas. It allows it to issue pious declarations decrying “absolutely unfair” privileges, while being the driving force behind the scenes.

    Whether or not the US is the active player, you cannot legitimately claim Cubans are “GOING to the US as much as they are LEAVING Cuba.” The pie has been sweetened. The waters have been thoroughly muddied.

    I don’t want to shake your confidence in your marriage, thinking your wife would only go with another man because of something lacking in your relationship, but many a spouse’s head has been turned, not by lacks, but by “promises of a better life with another man.” Literature abounds with the story. Ever read “Anna Karina”? Or seen any of the movies?

    ‘Moses’ may choose to “believe these Cubans … are leaving Cuba because life today in Cuba, however comfortable in comparison to other Cubans is still lacking in an essential human need…freedom,” but that of course doesn’t make it so. Factors less lofty, like consumerism and free entry into the US with a right to work there seem more logically to be the reasons.

    Cubans, in order to find “freedom”, of course could emigrate to a number of Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. The total Cuban Diaspora population in Mexico numbers around 12,000. In the six years between 1994-2000, more than 174,000 emigrated to the US.

    Seems there’s something more than “freedom” they are leaving Cuba for.

    As a “strident apologist”, I seem to have logic on my side, something uncommon to strident apologists for outrageous US policies. Definitely a good idea for ‘Moses’ to regularly check on his wife though. She might be off seeing the newest version of Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley. Her cuckolded husband, played by Jude Law, is getting sterling reviews. It might pay to see how he handles the situation.

    Like with Cubans, you never can tell when heads get turned by false promises.

  • Not rats, ‘Griffin’, gusanos. Did you flunk biology?

    And the Cuban ship of state sails right on whilst capitalist tubs are floundering before our very eyes under the on-going five-year economic debacle. And the capitalist rats have no where to go.

  • It is absolutely unfair that illegal Cuban emigres enjoy the priviledge (yes priviledge) to remain in the US through the Cuban Adjustment Act that other illegal emigrants do not enjoy. This is, of course, owed to the powerful Cuban lobby that has protected their special interests since even before the revolution in 1959. However, that fact is not the point being discussed here. What is at issue here is that despite the incentives to migrate to the US, Cuban nationals who currently enjoy the most comfortable of lives to be had in Cuba still choose to LEAVE Cuba. They are not really GOING to the US as much as they are LEAVING Cuba. I would like to think that no matter how attractive an offer another man may make to my wife, if she should leave and divorce me it is only because of something lacking in our relationship and not just because of promises of a better life with another man. I believe these Cubans, like the daughter of the Cuban Vice President Marino Murillo who also recently defected, are leaving Cuba because life today in Cuba, however comfortable in comparison to other Cubans is still lacking in an essential human need…freedom. Something even the most strident apologists for the regime like Lawrence W appear to take for granted. I think I hear my wife calling me, better go….

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