Elders Accused of Spying for Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, June 7 — A retired couple in their seventies, the man a former US State Dept. employee, were accused in a Federal Court this week of passing on secrets to Cuba for several decades.

The announcement came on the heels of Latin America and the Caribbean pushing through a resolution at the Organization of American States (OAS) that rescinded the hemispheric body’s suspension order on Cuba, in effect since 1962.

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro reacted to the news on Saturday writing: “It’s truly strange” that if Walter Kendall Myers and his wife Gwendolyn were under surveillance of the FBI “why weren’t they arrested earlier?”

Castro doubted that the couple, facing up to 35 years in prison, would get a fair trial. He said that if the accusations were true, “I would admire their brave and selfless conduct towards Cuba,” victim of countless terrorist attacks, assassination attempts and sabotage of its economy.

The convalescing leader turned newspaper columnist also noted that the case against the Myers developed after Obama took office and comes at a time “when Cuba and the US are making contact on important issues of mutual concern.”

4 thoughts on “Elders Accused of Spying for Cuba

  • We all would do well to read Cheneys statement that the US should simply murder the men held at Gitmo if they cannot find countries to take them? This is a man who refuses to denounce waterboarding as a form of torture, yet is ok with out and out right murder.Cheney:
    Execute Terrorists If Cuba Prison Must Close_

  • Hello Mr Jones;

    Your thoughts are clear..This is just a way to hijack any support that the Obama adm might have and it is a far fetched plan put in place by fusionists whose main interests are mainly Obama. Suffice that this is not about Cuba, but rather Barak Hussein Obama. The hate and racism is prevalent in anything they say..What will the US have now antoer Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? Ya right..The US is a liar

  • There is something awfully sinister and curious about this story. As an Attorney who is now scheduled to return to the practice..i smell a rat and it is not the elderly couple..something is funky here..

  • As it has been in the past, every time relations between the US and Cuba seems to improve, these absurdities tend to errupt. If these seniors were able to spy undectected for Cuba for the past 20 years, why should members of the CIA, DIA, FBI and a horde of informants be paid for their ineptitude?

    This is a typical example of Edgar Hoover text book of intrigue, deception, character assassinations, and blackmail, that have been followed by his best disciples. Remember Uranium purchaes, Mobil Labs, secret meetings in Prague, Antrax, Nuclear Weapons in hands of Saddam, all, to get us into a pre-planned war of choice, for which, no one have answered for the deaths, destructions and hatred it has caused.

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