EU postpones ruling on Cuba policy

HAVANA TIMES, June 15 – The foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) decided Monday to postpone for next September the conclusions on their annual review of the policy toward Cuba, waiting for the results of the dialogue between the Catholic Church and the island’s government, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos reported IPS.  Moratinos received his colleagues’ mandate to continue the talks with Havana.

One thought on “EU postpones ruling on Cuba policy

  • It’s difficult for most people to change the habits of a political lifetime, but really: the workers and farmers of the World (and Cuba) will not usher in socialism by hanging on the every word or deed — or misdeed — of the class enemy and its representatives. Cuban foreign policy should not be swayed by what the class enemy — here, the imperialist european bourgeoisie and its political hirees — have to hypocritically say about the island and its political system. They, in fact, have always intended to defeat any possibility of socialism in America Latina, alongside the criminal actions of U.S. imperialism.

    Instead, the Cuban Revolution must continue to make common cause with the workers and farmers of Europa and the rest of the Planet against these people. And it is one of the failings of the cuban process that too much of the stalinist practice of nationalism and “peaceful coexistence” has been part of what most cubans understand to be ‘socialism’, when it is in fact the *exact opposite* of socialist praxis.

    Stick with the working-class and the farmers and socialist forces and the ALBA project. Deal with the imperialists by all means, as an unavoidable present reality — but never, ever trust them, or let them decide the agenda on anything.

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