Evo Morales Back in Bolivia, but Will Return to Cuba for Operation

Morales explained that Cuban doctors found a small nodule on his vocal cords which could have been removed now, but the operation has been put off for a month.

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Evo Morales, visited by Bruno Rodríguez and Raul Castro during his stay at a Cuban hospital.

HAVANA TIMESPresident Evo Morales returned to Bolivia yesterday, after receiving medical treatment in Cuba, reported the Associated Press. The leader announced on Monday, in Havana, that he would return to Havana in early April for a small surgical intervention because of a nodule in his throat, noted EFE news agency.

“His throat condition continues and he will need a few more days of treatment,” vice-president Alvaro Garcia said on Monday at a press conference just minutes after speaking with Morales on the telephone.

According to Garcia, Morales was receiving treatment for sinusitis in Cuba, an infection of the vocal cords which causes aphonia, “a virus which has affected his body internally and externally” and he has “a built up of liquid in his forehead and cheeks.” “Everything has got significantly better and is under control,” he added.

On Sunday, Morales took a break from his treatment and traveled to Caracas from Havana in order to participate in the tribute for the 4th anniversary of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ death, for which he received criticism from some opposition politicians.

This is the second time that Morales receives medical treatment in Cuba because of otolaryngology problems. In 2009, he had nose surgery in Havana.

Last week, one of Morales’ ministers said that five Bolivian doctors were unable to cure Morales for his aphonia.

The president of La Paz Medical College, Luis Larrea, believes that sinusitis can even be diagnosed by a family doctor and highlighted the leader’s preference for Cuban doctors which leaves his colleagues in a poor position and doesn’t say good things about the Bolivian health system.

In statements given to Cuban official media, Morales explained that Cuban doctors found a small nodule on his vocal cords which could have been removed now, but the operation, which would last 15 minutes, has been put off for a month because he is currently under medication.

He claimed that he feels much better and thanked the “surprise” visit that Cuban president Raul Castro made during his stay at a Havana hospital, where he has been admitted, and he praised the Cuban people’s culture of “taking care of their sick brothers.”

The Bolivian leader also confessed that he is “very disciplined” with what doctors have told him and has “rested a lot” because he believes that he “can only overcome this with rigor.”

He reminded us of his passion for sport and highlighted the fact that him doing sport has kept him in “excellent” physical condition, and so he will “slowly return to his routine” of running in the morning, half an hour per day.

Morales announced that after his return to Bolivia, he will enact the “Coca Law” next Wednesday, which will increase the area for legal cultivation of this crop in this country to 22,000 hectares and will allow coca leaf industrialization and exports for beneficial health reasons.

With regard to other political issues, he remained convinced that the Latin American Left, if it had become weakened in some South American countries, would recover “democratically” with “presidents who will share the anti-imperialist struggle with their people with ideological clarity.”

He believes that Bolivia’s political future “will depend on the people” as “you don’t find the presidency, the presidency finds you,” he emphasized.

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