Evo Morales Celebrates MAS Party Victory in Bolivia

Says He Will Return to Bolivia

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – Evo Morales said Monday he will return to Bolivia following his MAS party’s stunning victory in Sunday’s election. The former president, overthrown in a coup last year and replaced by a far-right government, did not specify a timeline for his return. His handpicked successor, Luis Arce, celebrated his win early Monday.

President-elect Luis Arce: “We have recovered our soul. We have recovered the mysticism of this process. The people have made this possible with their discipline. We recovered this process of change for all.”

The election was postponed twice by the interim government of right-wing President Jeanine Áñez, who cited the pandemic. Protests rocked Bolivia for months ahead of the election, condemning Áñez for delaying the vote, as well as her government’s military and police violence against Indigenous communities and supporters of MAS.

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