Ex-Hunger Striker Fariñas Back Home

HAVANA TIMES, July 30 — Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas was discharged on Thursday from the hospital in his hometown of Santa Clara, where he spent the major part of a hunger strike he had begun on February 24.  Fariñas stopped his fast on July 8, after 52 dissident prisoners began being released, reported IPS.

One thought on “Ex-Hunger Striker Fariñas Back Home

  • Is he going to Miami? They even have dog races there. Maybe dog and rooster fights too. Much more fun than boring old Cuba. Sanctioned by God & Jesus too.

    Why is it again that this guy was imprisoned..? Bottom line: it is OK to challenge stalinism in Cuba — but it is NOT OK to appeal to the imperialists, et al. for help in doing that. Bottom line. Not that the cuban government has handled much of this properly either. Lots of blame to go around.

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