Ex-spy Gerardo Hernandez Gets Academic Post

Named Vice Rector at Cuba’s Advanced Institute of International Relations

By Café Fuerte

Gerardo HernandezHAVANA TIMES — The man who once led the spy ring Red Avispa (Wasp Network) in the south of Florida and is today a national hero, has received an important academic role from Raul Castro’s government. Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo will now be the vice rector at the “Raúl Roa García” Advanced Institute of International Relations (ISRI) in Havana.

Last Thursday, 50 year old Hernandez was welcomed as the ISRI’s new vice rector at a ceremony held in the academic institution and chaired by Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, reported on the official website Cubadebate.

Hernandez returns to the ISRI, where he graduated in 1988, “to share his knowledge and experiences with a young and enthusiastic group of students as well as with an experienced academic group headed by Rector Isabel Allende Karam.”

Returning home

Along with two other spies [part of the Cuban Five] who were sentenced to long prison sentences in the US, Hernandez was part of the trade-off between Havana and Washington which loosened the deadlock in their bilateral relations and initated the time of warming relations on December 17, 2014. His release from prison and return to Cuba sparked harsh criticism from Cuban exiles in Miami, believing this concession to the regime to be over the top.

During the last year of his time in prison, US authorities made an unprecedented decision and allowed a semen sample to be taken from Hernandez whilst in a federal prison in order to artificially inseminate his wife Adriana Perez, who was living in Cuba.  The result of this operation coordinated by both governments led to the birth of Gema in January 2015.

Hernandez, the head of the Wasp Network, was detained on December 12, 1998 and was sentenced to two life sentences and 15 years in prison, charged with conspiracy to commit murder, espionage and acting as a foreign agent with a false identity.

In Moscow’s Red Square

After having graduated from ISRI, where he was scouted by Cuba’s intelligence authorities, he fought as a soldier in the Angolan war during 1989 and 1990.

He is the second of the spies to return to Cuba who has now been appointed to a role as a government official. In 2015, official Fernando Gonzalez was named the vice-president of the Cuban Institute for the Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), an organization with strong ties to the Ministry of the Interior (MININT).

Hernandez and his four comrades have traveled widely across the world since their release. Recently this month, they were given a royal welcome by the Russian government’s highest officials, after having taken part as guests in the military procession for the 71st anniversary of the victory over fascism, in Moscow’s Red Square.  Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov joined them and called them “heroes of the resistance”.

Cubadebate’s website has been regularly covering news about the couple’s family life, from Gema’s birth to her 1st birthday. Last Thursday, it was also reported that Gerardo and Adriana are now also expecting twins.

17 thoughts on “Ex-spy Gerardo Hernandez Gets Academic Post

  • They got caught, tried, found guilty and jailed – and you in your ignorance describe that as success! Having been caught, everybody knows that they are Cuban spies and so their further use as such has ended. The appointment of Mr. Hernadez to a post teaching future spies is indicative of him being of no further use for field work.
    Your comment questioning whether today’s spies are fortunate in that the days of executing spies is quite bizarre. Do you think they would prefer execution?
    I have never and would never be guilty of “hatred for Cuba”, it is beautiful country that I love and I have a deep admiration for its people. I detest the oppressive communist Castro family regime which exerts power and control over it. I detest any dictatorship, but you obviously admire it – without seeking it for yourself!
    I have known some spies and some of them died, executed by the USSR (Russia) without trial. On the other hand, George Blake (not his Russian name) who as a professional spy successfully operated within the UK for some fifteen years prior to being caught, was tried and sentenced to twenty years. He later escaped from Wormwood Scrubs jail and found his way back to Russia. Now that was success!
    You will also note that in my description of the successful activities of Nikolai Leonov of the KGB I did not make personal criticism of him! He very successfully managed to wag the tail of the Cuban revolutionary dog upon behalf of the USSR. That’s why I found the comment about the dog having fleas entertaining!

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