FARC-Colombian Gov. Meetings in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — Exploratory talks between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerilla organization were held in Venezuela and Cuba, reported the AFP, citing information published Sunday by the El Tiempo newspaper in Bogota.

According to the report, a meeting was held in Barinas, Venezuela, “with the help” of President Hugo Chavez, while about ten meetings were held in Havana with the support of President Raul Castro.

In these meetings, confirmed by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on August 27, a secret six-point negotiating agenda was agreed upon for discussion on the island after a negotiations table is formally established in October in Oslo, Norway.

Among the delegates from that South American country who traveled to Havana was the president’s brother, journalist Enrique Santos, while the FARC delegation was led by Mauricio Jaramillo, who belongs to the Eastern Bloc of the insurgent group.