Farmer Without Social Networks Accused of Cybercrime

Santos Bellorin has been in jail since November 6, but his family has been afraid to denounce his arrest.

Acusan de “ciberdelito” a campesino que nunca tuvo redes sociales

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – The Nicaraguan dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo accuses small farmer Santos Camilo Bellorin Lira, 56, of cybercrimes and treason. He was abducted from his home, located in the rural community of Guasuyuca in the municipality of Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli, and taken to the main Estelí jail.

Relatives of Bellorín Lira explained that the man has never had social networks, nor does he have any knowledge about them, according to a publication of Despacho 505 on Monday.

On the condition of anonymity, a human rights activist from the department of Nueva Segovia told Despacho 505 that Santos has been in jail since November 6, but his family has been afraid to denounce his arrest because they believe that their complaints could aggravate the situation.

According to the activist, the astonishing thing about this case is that Santos is a man dedicated entirely to agriculture. Although he is openly opposed to the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, he has never been involved in the protests, nor does he even know about social networks.

“He has been an opponent of the Sandinistas all his life, but he has never been involved in mass protest activities, nor is he directly linked to any movement or a member of any opposition party. I do not know where the police got information to arrest him for political activities,” the activist explained to Despacho 505.

The human rights defender, who has maintained contact with Santos’ family, said that on the day the farmer was taken from his home, he and his family were resting when suddenly a vehicle full of police arrived. From outside, they shouted at him to leave the house and get into the truck, without explaining the motive or showing him any arrest warrant.

Since the Nicaraguan people raised their voices in 2018 against the abuses of power of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, the rulers have kept several rural leaders in prison, accusing them of various prefabricated crimes.

In the middle of this year, several well-known peasant leaders were imprisoned again by the dictatorship, accused this time of “treason to the homeland.” They are punished for raising their voices against the regime.

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