Fast and Furious Filming in Cuba

Fast and Furious 8 being filmed in Havana. Photo: David González/FB
Fast and Furious 8 being filmed in Havana. Photo: David González/FB

HAVANA TIMES (dpa) – For several days, the traditional seaside promenade-avenue of Havana, known as the Malecon, becomes a race track for filming of the eighth film of the Hollywood productions “Fast and Furious”.

The technicians prepare the final details for the special effects of the dangerous racing scenes with actors Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, who are already in Cuba.

The most active in social networks has been Michelle Rodriguez. “Rediscovering the beauty of the people and the warm welcome,” she said on her Facebook page, adding “a little reminder of what is not in the material world.  Heart,” Rodriguez, who returned to Havana after 15 years.

Some houses are being used as makeup studios or to for storing the props, while hundreds of Cubans crowded around the areas of shooting  hoping to see the protagonists of the show.

Cars to be used in Fast and Furious 8.
Cars to be used in Fast and Furious 8.

“By being here, you give your permission for your image and voice to be included in the film without compensation, credit or other consideration,” warns a production sign for the curious.

“I do not care if they film me, hopefully it will come out in a scene, this is unique in history,” said young Arian Rodriguez, who hoped to take pictures of the protagonists with his mobile phone.

Portions of the city has been practically taken by the producer of the film. For several weeks the Marti Stadium, located on the seafront, and a place where young people play soccer or run on his tracks has been replaced by trucks with signs saying “Hollywood Truck”.

Filming involves closing off circulation on several of the main streets of Havana, which also means the detour of several city bus routes in a city already with big problems with public transport.

But the added transport problems doesn’t seem to matter Havana residents. “If I’m late to work now I have a good excuse,” she says Matos Yisel smiling at a bus stop.

Production for the full length film has paralyzed several main avenues of the capital. Photo: David Gonzalez/FB
Production for the full length film has paralyzed several main avenues of the capital. Photo: David Gonzalez/FB

Late last year, the producers held in Havana a casting for US cars made in the 1950s, which still circulate on the island thanks to the mechanical inventions of Cubans.

The US premiere of the eighth season of “Fast and Furious” is scheduled for April 14, 2017, under the direction of Felix Gary Gray.

The cast of the feature film includes Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Charlize Theron, Kurt Russell and Dwayne Johnson.

The death in 2013 of the protagonist of the first editions, actor Paul Walker, raised questions about the future of the saga, but producers decided to continue the popular series of action films, which has been a financial successful.

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  • I agree. Biology may be delayed but it will not be denied.

  • The whole thing, especially after the Cuban Congress event last week defies belief. I think the generation under the age of 35 will not take much more of this. I see in videos and the Stones concert that they’re not machines and want a lot more than what the communist system provides them. The older generation, the ones who fought in the revolution and the same age group in the states are directly opposite of each other and still maintain control. That will suddenly change within the next three years, it’s more actuarial than political.

  • Flashback to 1963. Che is talking to Fidel about the future of Cuban socialism. He predicts “Just think Fidel, in 53 years, the highlights of the year 2016 will be a visit by a Black US President, a concert by the world’s most famous Rock band, a major league baseball game and the filming of an American movie steeped in capitalist overindulgence.” Just like they planned it, right?

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