Father Felix Varela to Be Declared ‘Venerable’ by the Pope

HAVANA TIMES, March 22 — A decree recognizing Cuban priest Felix Varela as having practiced “heroic virtues” throughout his life, therefore making it possible for him to be considered “venerable” by the Catholic Church, will be approved by Pope during his visit to Cuba.

Rodolfo Meolior, an Italian advocate of the measure, told AFP, “All of the requirements have met for the Pope to grant him the title ‘venerable’ during his trip to the island,” and the decree has been approved by a committee of cardinals and bishops.

Thought the process for the beatification of Varela — which was initiated in 1996 — has been sponsored financially by the Miami-based Felix Varela Foundation, with assistance from Cuban emigrants, but this should not affect the designation, said Meoli.