Fidel Castro Accuses NATO of Promoting War against Russia

Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin in July during the Russian presidents latest visit to Havana.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Former Cuban president Fidel Castro today accused the new Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, of promoting a “war of extermination” against Russia and criticized the alliance as “more extreme” than the Islamic State militia.

“So much hatred in the face!” Castro wrote in an article published in the official Granma newspaper, criticizing the former Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg, who assumed office a few days ago heading the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

“What an incredible effort to promote a war of extermination against the Russian Federation”, said the 88-year-old former Cuban president.

“Who are more extreme than the Islamic State extremists themselves? What religion do they practice? After this, will it be possible to enjoy eternal life at the right hand of the Lord?” he ironically asked.

Castro left office in 2006, after seriously falling ill, however he is still considered the leading Communist Party voice on foreign policy matters. He publishes opinion articles on international topics always given top story status in the Cuban media.

When he took office a few days ago Stoltenberg called for a “strong NATO” to try to rebuild the relationship with Russia, damaged by the crisis in Ukraine. The secretary general of the alliance also criticized the “behavior” of Russia in the tensions in Eastern Europe.

8 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Accuses NATO of Promoting War against Russia

  • It’s peculiar to call Norway a “somewhat separatist State”, considering the country is a member of NATO, a member of the Nordic Council, has twice held a seat on the UN Security Council, is currently acting as a mediator for Sudan, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, and Colombia. And of course, we should not forget the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by a committee of the Norwegian Parliament. That does not sound very isolationist to me.

    The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has a responsibility to speak out in support of European security issues. He did so in careful and measured words. He did not call for a “war of extermination” against Russia, which is what Fidel Castro accused him of. So who is stirring up unwarranted bile?

  • What concerns me most is that Putin’s actions send a clear message
    against any kind of nuclear disarmament. After the fall of the Soviet
    Union, Ucraine became the first and so far only country in the world to voluntarily give up nuclear weapons. In return Russia promised to respect its territorial integrity including the Crimea. Who is the warmonger now? And all to revenge the downfall of a corrupt politician called Yanukovych?

  • Analyzer, you are aware, are you not, that the Norwegians are currently the co-sponsors of the Colombian peace talks taking place in Havana?

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