Fidel Castro Back in Public

opens educational complex

Fidel Castro at the inauguration of an educational complex on Tuesday April 9, 2013. Photo: Estudios Revolución.

HAVANA TIMES – Former Cuban President Fidel Castro opened an educational complex in Havana on Tuesday, reported on by the Cuban TV news and the online

Located in areas adjacent to the Futuro Lechero dairy farm, the facility, named after Vilma Espin, the late wife of President Raul Castro, was built at the initiative of Fidel, and had the support of military and civilian workers of his own Personal Security Directorate.

Fidel Castro looks on at the school opening. Photo: Estudios Revolucion.

Television coverage was dominated by photos of Castro, 86, showing no video or audio of the meeting, while explaining that the revolutionary leader spoke for two hours on a host of issues with children, teachers, construction workers and neighboring residents.

This is the second time this week that the Cuban media publishes several photos of the former president, first in a private meeting with a Venezuelan political analyst and now in a public activity.

7 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Back in Public

  • If Fidel Castro is one of your idols, I am sorry for you.

  • Problem is his “mistakes” cost Cuba more than 50 years of suffering. Today the island is about to go bankrupt, again, for no one can give credit to someone who never paid his debts. He sent us, Cubans, to fight unwinnable wars in Angola and Ethiopia as puppet of the former Soviet Union. He intervened all small businesses in 1967-68 and made all Cubans dependent on the government with a ration card. He killed thousands of Cuban without trias. You cannot compare a bloody dictator like this one with other political figures of the world. He’s fucking “unique.”

  • I agree with both Grady and Friedrich. Moses’s arrogancy and bitterness is not “slowly boring” It has been boring all along and tiresome. Get a life, Moses and stop all the negativity!

  • Moses: you arrogancy is getting slowly boring. I agree completely with Grady Ross.Whether you like Fidel or not, he is and was certainly one of the world`s most important leaders, with all pluses and minuses of a human being. Tell me one big leader, who did not commit errors. Tell me anybody on earth, including yourself first of all. And, it`s too easy to blame him on everything. Every Cuban has responsibility of his (her) own to. They are not such coward idiots as you want to make us believe- maybe not consciously – by your always negative comments on Cuba.

  • Okay, Moses, we get it. You have a viscous hatred for Fidel; you think
    it is gentlemanly to poke fun at his age-related attributes; and you
    have a festering personal envy because he has helped change the world
    and is beloved by billions of people, while you are someone of no
    consequence who is virtually unknown.

    We get it. You will never
    have a good word for Fidel, and will always try to shit-frame anything
    said by or about him. And so on and on it goes . . .

  • I enjoy reading the Havana Times.

    Robert Cowdery. Spokane, WA-USA

  • Why the lack of video? Does some genious in the propoganda ministry think that Fidel looks less decrepit in photos? Nonetheless, he should read from Nelson Mandela’s playbook on how to retire as an ‘elder statesman’. Fewer South Africans are critical, less so publicly, of Mandela’s short but critical leadership as President. Even his starchest detractors have grown more respectful and wish him well as he deals with his current health issues. Every time Fidel shows up in public, he invigorates a new wave of anticastristas. And on and on it goes….

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