Fidel Castro Breaks Silence, Chides Obama

A recent photo of Fidel Castro at his home in Havana.
A recent photo of Fidel Castro at his home in Havana.

HAVANA TIMES — Former Cuban president Fidel Castro broke his silence today and came out swinging in his first public reaction, before or after, the visit last week to the island by US President Barack Obama, reported dpa news.

“We do not need any gifts from the empire,” Castro, 89, wrote in a “reflection” published on the front page of the official “Granma” newspaper. Fidel said it was his “duty to respond to the speech” pronounced in Havana by Obama to the Cuban people on March 22nd.

“Each of us ran the risk of a heart attack upon hearing the words of the president of the United States,” Castro said in reference to the call for reconciliation in Obama’s address to Cubans, after half a century of hostility between the two countries.

Fidel rejected the idea of reconciliation, “after a merciless blockade that has lasted almost 60 years.” He recalled “those who died in the mercenary attacks on ships and Cuban ports, an airliner full of passengers detonated in midair, mercenary invasions, and multiple acts of violence and force.”

“Besides, I warn that we are able to produce the food and material wealth we need with the effort and intelligence of our people,” said Castro in the article titled “Brother Obama” and in which he also described as “syrupy” the words with which the US president called on both countries to “forget the past.”

Obama visited Cuba from March 20-22 as part of the thaw in relations that both countries presidents publicly announced in December 2014, after decades of estrangement.

Fidel Castro, who ruled the destinies of Cuba and its people from 1959-2006, did not participate in the talks between the government of his brother Raul and the Obama administration. Although he had not rejected rapprochement with the old ideological enemy, Fidel Castro has shown skepticism during the negotiations.

In his top of the Cuban news article, Castro recalled the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961 and praised his government’s role in the struggles of African independence.  He accused Washington of having supported the racist apartheid regime in South Africa.

“I do not know what Obama has to say today about this history. I do not know what he did or did not know, although it is very doubtful that he knew absolutely nothing,” said Fidel.

“My modest suggestion is that he reflect and not try to develop theories about Cuban politics,” he said.

In his historic nationally televised address to Cuba last Tuesday,  Obama called for democracy and civil liberties on the island.

Upon leading the 1959 revolution, Fidel Castro erected a communist one-party system that has governed the island for over a half century. The words of the former president, 89, always generate expectations in Cuba, despite living removed from power since 2006.

Fidel Castro is not involved in day-to-day Cuban public life and in recent times rarely publishes his “Reflections”, which he began writing after recovering from the illness that led to his handing over the presidency to his brother Raul.

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  • December 15, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    No you are right. It is a Cuban saying

  • April 4, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    when I first moved to Los Angeles one of the things that surprised me is , I had to drive 60 minutes to see a friend or relative , when someone move to United States the social life that they know comes to an end , a new one begins , the one where you have to live behind the wheel always in a rush going from one place to another trying to get things done somehow not enough time and not enough money to get things done no matter how much money you have ,
    I traveled to South America to the city of La Calera in Chile I was impressed ,the quality of the social life they have is amazing , businesses shut down at 12 and lunch time last for 3 hours , that is a life worth living when you have time to live life and enjoy family and friends ,
    in the American society you have friends as long as you have business something to do with , the minute business comes to an end so does your friendship ,
    I came across a lady from France who lived a long time in United States until she had a chronic health conditions she chose to go back to France ,
    I agree with you United States of America is more at smoke screens and mirrors , America that used to exist does not exist anymore , this is the first generation in US history where the younger generation anticipate that they will have less living standards then the parents never mind being an immigrant from a different country

  • April 3, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Are there not discrimnation taking place in America today? Look at the disrespect shown to President Obama whom the white residents believe should not have stained the white house with his Black Presence. Has anything in America changed for the Red Indians who are still housed on Reservations and have no access to universal education and health care. From whence has America been endowed with the task of Speaking about Civil Rights and Human Rights? Look at its incarcerated population? Look at its support for the PINOCHET’S of the world who are the worst of the worst dictators of the world? Look at the way it has held those prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for all these years without trial? And America has the gall to impose sanctions on North Korea and on Russia! Look at America? It uses rockets from Russia to launch it trips to the International Space Station and yet turn around and impose sanctions on Russia. It supported the overthrow of the lawfully elected Government of the Ukraine but imposed sanctions on Russia who supported those in Ukraine who opposed the overthrow of the lawfully elected Government?

  • April 3, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    Eden Wong, that deluded man is far more intelligent than you would ever be. That deluded old man sacrificed his life of privilege and went down to liberate the oppressed and exploited Cubans. That deluded old man, commands more respect around the globe than you will ever muster in your whole life. that deluded old man assisted the South African Blacks to throw off the yoke of the Apartheid system so that South Africa could have a Black President. That deluded old man sent troops into Namibia to liberate its people from the Apartheid stranglehold the white Apartheid South African Government had on it. That deluded old man sent his troops to Africa and defeated the South African Army which was thought to be invincible. Do you possess any feelings of Love, Respect, Compassion, Concern for the Less Fortunates of the Planet? America supported the Apartheid system which kept Black people subjugated and treated as animals and non people in the land of their birth. Did you raise a voice then? Did you raise a voice when Mandela was imprisoned for 28 years for attempting to restore the dignity of the Black man in South Africa? The Black people, the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world supports the deluded old man who ensured that their sons and daughters became the professionals of their land due to the free education system which exists in a liberated Cuba!

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