Fidel Castro Calls for World Peace

Fidel Castro and the Russian Orthodox Church patriarch Kirill.
Fidel Castro and the Russian Orthodox Church patriarch Kirill.

Sadly, almost all religions have been obliged to decry the destructive reality of war and its terrible consequences. They have been obliged to devote their greatest energies to this task. The singular importance of the meeting between Pope Francis and His Holiness Kirill in Havana [on Friday Feb. 12] is that it raised the hopes of the world’s peoples.

Peace has been the golden dream of humanity, and the peoples’ aspiration, at every moment in history. Thousands of nuclear weapons are hanging over humanity’s head. Preventing the most brutal war that could be unleashed has undoubtedly been the fundamental objective of efforts by religious leaders of churches directed by men such as Pope Francis, Pontiff of the Catholic Church, and His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

To struggle for peace is the most sacred duty of all human beings, whatever their religion, country of origin, skin color, advanced or youthful age may be.

10 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Calls for World Peace

  • Seven jobs at the same time? Is that even possible?

  • You didn’t mention Castro or Cuba even once in your anti-US rant. You are on the wrong blog.

  • N.J. Marti, Blood on hands? You have the bold face to talk about blood on hands? What about all those blacks who were lynched in the Southern States of America by the Klu KlUX KLAN? Read the book-“Slavery by another name,”by Douglas A Blackmon. Read it for yourself Marti and then engage me in conversation. The American wealth was accumulated from the cheap labour of black people as far down as the 1940’s. You Americans should hang your heads in shame when criticizing others for human rights abuses. America’s history is filled with brutalty and enslavement. Look at the percentage of blacks to whites in America, then look at the prison population of blacks to whites? How many young prisoners are raped in American prisons? Human Rights? Freedom? Blood on hands? Take the beam out of your eyes Marti: Take it out! It it blocking your vision. You really cannot see clearly!

  • Gerard, what do you refer to as freedom? Have you discovered the invisible American dream as yet? It is elusive you know? What about those people who live on the streets in the dead of winter in the so-called richest country in the world? What about those people who have to work six and seven jobs to make ends meet? Name me another country where workers work six and seven jobs to make ends meet? Describe the kind of freedom you speak of? I have access to free education and free medical attention, what more freedom do I want? I have been freed from the shackles of ignorance! Mine eyes have been opened! Nobody can fool me. When I am sick, I have free access to the repairs of my body, what freedom are you talking about brother Gerard?

  • You again Moses Patterson? Everybody knows that the greatest threat to world peace is America which has no respect for the sovereignty of other countries and no regard for the United Nations Charter. Which country has initiated the most wars since the end of World War 2? Which economy is based on war? President Jimmy Carter was not given a second term because he did not create any wars during his first term in office. In order to be voted as President for a second term, George Bush jnr declared war on Saddam Hussein even though the UN Inspectors stated that Saddam was not in possession of any weapons of mass destruction. What has Gadaffi done too oust him from power? Was it that he refused to be an American Puppet? What has Assad done that the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait have not outshone him? Assad holds elections in his country. Are there any elections in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait? The hypocrisy of America stinks to the highest heavens and its corrupt foreign policy is as glaring as an 100 degree sunny day. Those who mouth Human rights are the worst offenders of human rights and the gleeful supporter of the worst dictators the world has ever witnessed. Just look at the Guantanamo base in Cuba where men are held from 2003 without trial and they had the effrontery to criticize others about human rights when they have violated the human rights of all these prisoners who have been held witout trial for so many years. The GREATEST threat to world peace and world stability is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! The whole world is crying out for peace, friendship and dialogue, the shareholders of the military industrial complexes are declaring war at the expense of the young sons and daughters lives!

  • Give it a break!!!!

  • It is never to late to repent? However whilst you are still with us Fidel free your people and let them have some no not some but complete freedom, go on i dare you!

  • A man with the amount of blood on his hands speaks from experience. Better than never to see his great sins. Given his weak moral standing to lecture on these matters, a small impact. Hopefully he called his buddy Putin.

  • Hahahaha. …OMG, I almost burst my sides laughing!

  • This from the guy who whilst the world was on the brink of annihilation advocated for the start of World War III by urging the Soviets to initiate a nuclear first strike against innocent US civilians. Oh wait, I get it. Now that he sees his own end coming, he is trying to right his many wrongs with a call for world peace. Has the man ever had an original thought?

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