Fidel Castro Forgoes Adidas Outfit

Rafael Correa visits Fidel Castro in Havana
Rafael Correa visits Fidel Castro in Havana. Photo: Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

HAVANA TIMES, August 23 – Former Cuban President Fidel Castro received a visit from vacationing Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa on Friday.  Correa is in Cuba with his family.

A press photograph of their meeting showed Castro looking fit and sporting a white short sleeve shirt instead of the Adidas work out uniform he has often worn since convalescing from serious intestinal surgery three years ago.

Fidel had also received a two-day working visit from his close friend Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on his 83rd birthday August 13th.  Earlier in the month he welcomed Pastors for Peace leader Rev. Lucius Walker.

The Cuban press reported that the talks with Correa centered on economic matters and education and health care issues.

Rev. Lucius Walker with Fidel Castro in early August.
Rev. Lucius Walker with Fidel Castro in early August.

Fidel Castro writes several columns each month for the local media, mostly on international issues.  He is considered the leading advisor to his brother Raul, 78, on all matters considered important by the current president.

2 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Forgoes Adidas Outfit

  • LMAO i tried to tell a 20 something yr old here that Fidel was in good shape after my last visit early this month but he poo pooed it Having said that, .Rev Walker has been a confidante for yrs i have traveled in the past with him and hold him in high regard from my days in NY and he will not lie..Fidel looks great he is in excellent health and getting better..PEOPLE GET OVER IT..FIDEL IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE AND OTHER THAN MURDER HE WILL BE ALIVE FOR THE NEXT DECADE..
    Pull up your pants stop whining and lets play dominoes..or chess..u call it LOL

  • It’s great that Fidel Castro has the time now to reflect on his and cubans’ past accomplishments and on the developments of the past half century. And it’d be nice too if he could tackle head-on the pernicious problems of the stalinist deformation of socialism, as expressed so concretely on your island; but there’s only so much one man can do, let alone a retired one, eh? All the moreso in that the cuban Revolution bears only a passing resemblance to a classic socialist one, no matter what the effort made.

    So if Fidel can manage to find the time and energy to tackle the even greater issues of our era — all the better. But no one should be expecting or demanding that. We should, however, be expecting more of that from the likes of Hugo Chavez, though: another leader attempting to build socialism under very unauspicious, underdeveloped circumstances. With equally mixed results.

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