Fidel Castro Goes Daily

by Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, April 9 — Whenever former President Fidel Castro goes a couple weeks without one of his newspaper columns, like occurred between Feb. 15 and March 2nd, his adversaries in Miami start making celebration arrangements and while calm, concern prevails in Cuba.

Now, without announcing any increase in frequency, Castro has published 26 columns in March-April, including 12 in the last 11 days.

The topics range from recounts of visits by visiting dignitaries, like the one this week with a group of US legislators headed by Barbara Lee (D-CA), or previous ones earlier in the month from the presidents of Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

The columns include an ongoing analysis of the Obama administration, the international financial crisis and the role of China in today’s world. The upcoming Trinidad and Tobago Americas Summit (April 17-19), where Cuba is the only excluded nation, is another subject covered in depth.

Fidel Castro usually publishes his columns first on the Spanish language website and then they get picked up and run in the daily print and online Cuban newspapers both in Spanish and English. An archive of his articles in several languages can be found at: