Fidel Castro Meets with Iranian President in Havana


HAVANA TIMES – Former Cuban President Fidel Castro met on Monday with the Iranian president, Hassan Rohani, at his home in Havana, reported dpa news.

The meeting was held at Castro’s private residence, described by the government TV news as a “fraternal encounter”. Fidel, 90, is the leading adviser to his brother President Raul Castro.

During the meeting, Rohani expressed “satisfaction for visiting Cuba and made clear his admiration for its struggle, achievements and selfless assistance to other peoples”.

The official press said that Rohani and Fidel agreed “in their analysis of the complexity of the international situation” and talked about “the dangers to the preservation of peace.”

fidel-presidente-iran2Later in the afternoon, Cuban President Raul Castro met with Rohani, on his first official visit to the island, with the aim of strengthening economic ties between the two countries.

In the typical language used to describe such visits, Cuban TV said, “In a cordial atmosphere, the two leaders ratified the willingness to further develop collaborative links and exchange between the two nations.”

The two presidents also witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in the fields of health, research, education, medicine and medical technology.

Rohani’s visit to the island comes at a time when both Iran and Cuba are living an easing of some economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

Last month, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif visited the island. He stressed his country’s interest in expanding economic, trade and financial relations with Cuba.

Rohani arrived on Monday morning to Havana, from Isla Margarita (Venezuela), where he participated over the weekend at the Summit of Non-Aligned Countries, also attended by Raul Castro.

The visit to Cuba is only 24 hours because the Iranian president will depart Havana on Tuesday to take part in the UN General Assembly in New York.

6 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Meets with Iranian President in Havana

  • Just got my copy of Cuba Lifting the Veil by Mr Carlyle Macduff, started to read it last evening and I am totally absorbed. An expensive book by comparison to some of my other books, however it seems to come from the heart. I get truly annoyed that the Castro clan can still be permitted to rule the country in such a way! He replaced one very corrupt regime only to impose his own very corrupt regime, and all these years later he is still in power. Anyway a very good read Mr Macduff.

  • Whilst President Obama does not have in unblemished record, he has at least tacitly admitted to…..
    Let’s say…..
    Some misgivings re USA’s failed (& disgraceful) foreign policies.
    In his wisdom (that means relative wisdom in comparison to certain predecessors) he has sought to find some middle ground between USA and Cuba & Iraq.
    Remember that these are two countries that the USA has previously sought to dominate in a master/servant fashion.
    Perhaps President Obama even envisions a time when the USA no longer sees itself as a self declared master country dictating to its servant countries around the globe?
    Such foresight should surely be applauded?
    However it seems that such foresight is perhaps a little too much for some of the US old school who would prefer to cling on to the imperial era?

  • But Moses, vultures have no feathers on their heads and oddly are immune to coliform bacteria enabling them to feed on the very intestines of the carrion they consume.

  • What an embarrassment for Cuba Fidel continues to be.

  • Agreed, Moses. It’s definitely a bit disconcerting. But for the most part, it’s just another way for Fidel to thumb his nose at your American government because of his deep rooted and persistent animosity. I’m sure that those house guests must drive some within your government absolutely crazy… none more than Marco Rubio.

  • Iran, North Korea, Russia, Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Heads of State from these criminally repressive regimes or their lackeys have all visited the socialist mecca to kiss Fidel’s ring. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor). Birds of a feather…..

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