Fidel Castro Offers Cuba’s Cooperation with USA to fight Ebola

Fidel Castro. Photo/achive:

HAVANA TIMES — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro offered the United States today his country’s cooperation in the fight against Ebola, despite the rivalry that has kept the two countries at odds for more than half a century, reported dpa news.

“We gladly cooperate with American personnel in this task (the fight against Ebola), and not in pursuit of peace between the two states that have been adversaries for many years but, in any case, for world peace,” Castro said in an article published in the official newspaper “Granma”.

In the text entitled “The time of duty,” the former president praises Cuba’s sending aid to Africa to fight the current epidemic of Ebola.

Cuba gave a “fast response” to the request of the UN, “as it has always done before such a request for cooperation,” said Castro, who ruled the island for nearly half a century until 2006. Today he is the chief advisor to the government of his brother Raul Castro.

Earlier this month Cuba sent a group of 165 medical aid workers in Sierra Leone and has offered to send nearly 300 more to Liberia and Guinea. The three countries are the most affected by the epidemic.

Castro also praised the upcoming summit on Ebola by the countries that make up the left-wing ALBA bloc (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America), to take place on Monday in Havana.

Although removed from power since 2006 after falling seriously ill, the 88-year-old Cuban leader publishes opinion pieces from time-to-time on the front page of the island’s controlled press. His positions on the issues at hand, mainly regarding foreign policy, routinely translate into the stance of the Communist Party and the government.

60 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Offers Cuba’s Cooperation with USA to fight Ebola

  • December 7, 2014 at 4:25 am

    Fortunately for the reader new to this issue, the facts are being widely reported in the world’s press, including an unusual coverage in the US. I would suggest to all to ignore the biased arguments of the haters of the Cuban revolution. Doing your own research will provide more detail and depth on this very important health crisis. For example there are a number of reports that are looking at the economic and political factors contributing to this Ebola outbreak. Others are examining what lessons about crisis response and preventions can be learned. These lessons are becoming increasingly important to us all as we face worsening public health challenges worldwide – and universally the US military approach is far more the cause than the solution to approaching crises. All the more reasons to ignore the rantings of reactionary lobbiests.

  • November 18, 2014 at 5:51 am

    Lots of doctors specifically to battle Ebola were there already, none from Cuba. At the time the only Cubans present were those “doctors for rent” paid for by South Africa on standard medical missions.
    More were needed and – as you yourself pointed out – more facilities. Countries like the US, UK and China have provided both. Cuba sent some doctors, but as they have no equipment half are sitting in a hotel by the pool for over a month. The others only are active because the US and UK provided hospitals for them to work in.
    The Cuban doctors depend 100% on other nations to be able to function (as was the case in Haiti).
    Cuba made a contribution in people, not the largest one, but a welcome one. The regime’s abuse of Ebola for propaganda reasons is the vile part of this story.

  • November 17, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Well, the Cubans aren’t building any. From the data it seems the US, UK, China and MSF are the ones installing facilities.
    Australians, UK NGO’s (Save the Children), Cubans and UK medical corps are are manning UK facilities. Cubans, various NGO’s, US medical corps (PHS and military) are manning US hospitals. The Chinese seem to be manning their own facilities. In the mean time about half of the Cuban doctors there are sitting in a hotel waiting. It seems they didn’t arrive as well equipped and well trained as you claimed.
    By now it is clear the Cuban medical teams isn’t the largest by far. their lack of facilities shows they aren’t the best equipped. Their need of training shows they are the “propaganda” experts.
    The Castro regime is just lying and abusing the crisis for propaganda

  • November 17, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    From a recent Reuters report:

    “What was urgently needed from rich Western countries, MSF said, was not more money but doctors and nurses….

    “Building ETUs (Ebola treatments units) is the easy part, the more challenging and more dangerous part is making them run safely. To stay safe you have to think through thousands of details….

    “Cuba, however, has bucked the trend, with Havana training up 461 doctors and nurses so they can help fight Ebola. So far, 256 have been dispatched to West Africa.”

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