Fidel Castro Praises Venezuela’s Maduro

Fidel Castro.  Photo:
Fidel Castro. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — Back in the news, former Cuban President Fidel Castro wrote a front page note in the official Cuban media where he praises Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for his speech at the United Nations General Assembly earlier in the week.

Here is the text of the statement from Fidel Castro.

Maduro’s Deserved Congratulations

On Tuesday, September 23, I listened to the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela speak at the UN General Assembly. He spoke for 12 minutes. It was impeccable.

Last night, the Venezuelan delegation traveled to the Bronx where an enthusiastic population was awaiting them. Hugo Chávez who had also been there, left among them indelible memories.

At the height of the current international situation, numerous people have expressed profound ideas and thoughts.

It could be stated that, through television screens, millions of people participated in this historic event.

I decided, the following day, to send a message of congratulations to the Venezuelan President, but not knowing his itinerary I asked our Minister of Foreign Relations, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, who is also in New York, to deliver the message to the Venezuelan President.

For my part, I didn’t even expect that at the same time that I asked Bruno if he had delivered what I had written that morning, he would inform me that Maduro was about to begin another speech before the General Assembly. Listen to it! I told him. I immediately switched on TeleSur and there he began his second speech to the General Assembly and his third in New York. This time he spoke for half an hour and left no crucial point unaddressed. Hugo would have been proud to see one of his revolutionary sons saying what he said and how he said it.

That is why I mention only two speeches in the letter and not three. I add only that when Bruno delivered my message, Maduro only asked if I had any objection to it being published. “Of course not” I responded that “it is a great honor.”

Fidel Castro Ruz

September 25, 2014


6 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Praises Venezuela’s Maduro

  • In 2014 no one listens to the old ways of propaganda. The Internet has set a generation around the world free.

  • So the Party rolls out the old man out to perform the ultimate royal kiss ass job, My guess the gang is scared of those street protests in Caracas and other cities as the Venezuelans are tired of paying Fidels bills at the expense of their own record breaking inflation. They may be seeing the end. Why else roll out the old man to make up this crap about crowds and TV coverage. The PR on the Fidel letter is full of nonsense signifying nothing.

  • It would have been helpful to the rest of the world if Maduro had described how to achieve even higher levels of inflation that that achieved by Chavez, who had learned his economics at the knee of Fidel Castro Ruz.
    Who would have believed that Maduro would compete with Robert Mugabe’s Guiness Book of Records level of inflation?

  • obviously redacted…. keep sending the free oil missing

  • Rambling words, really saying not very much, from an old man in his dotage, still trying his best to appear to be relevant and influential.

  • Ma’burro’ gave him his UN Assembly speech to a nearly empty room. It was later reported that only a handful of reporters, most of the them Venezuelan, waited in the press room to interview him after his speech. On the international stage, this former bus driver (no offense to bus drivers intended) is less than irrelevant, he is a laughingstock among heads of state. It is telling that more people are even aware that he spoke because of Castro’s remarks than because of the speech itself. Worse yet, he gave the same old commie-babble speech. Blah, blah, blah, world solidarity, anti-imperialism, reorganize UN, end the embargo. Snore.

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