Fidel Castro Receives Venezuela’s Maduro

Nicolas Maduro and Fidel Castro en La Habana el 19 de agosto de 2014. Foto:

HAVANA TIMES — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro received the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro at his home in Havana on Tuesday. Castro congratulated Maduro for his sending a plane of assistance to the population in Gaza, reported dpa news.

In an article published in the official press, Castro stated: “I congratulated Maduro for his extraordinary solidarity with the heroic people of the Gaza Strip.”

Castro, who turned 88 on August 13, called the Israeli military offensive against Gaza a “genocide” and “holocaust” for Palestinians.

Fidel continues to be the leading advisor to his brother President Raul Castro, especially regarding foreign affairs. He refrains from commenting in public about domestic issues.

Maduro is in the midst of a cabinet shuffle in Venezuela as his government moves to take drastic measures to confront the difficult economic situation facing the country, which includes acute shortages of basic consumer items.

Fidel Castro was like a father and mentor to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and it is suspected that he, and his brother Raul, play a key advice giving role with Maduro.

18 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Receives Venezuela’s Maduro

  • Dani, look where Lula and Dilma’s activities have now landed them! Between them they successfully screwed up Brazil’s economy.
    Maduro by pursuing the pollcies propounded by Fidel Castro has achieved the highest inflation rate in the world – even exceeding those of socialist Zimbabwe.

  • You posted your comment twice, so I will respond again:

    There was absolutely nothing into criticism of Mandela which could possibly construed as racist. I made no reference to his race what so ever. It may be of interest to you to know I am of mixed race background.

    I take deep umbrage at being called a racist, especially for a comment which had nothing to do with race. Shall I call you a child molestor because I disagree with one of your comments? It would be no less grounded in fact than your insult to me.

  • Mandela recognized the support he got from everyone and all actions played a part. However, we need to remember that the embargo was pretty minor and is nothing like what Cuba faces. Nelson Mandela particularly recognized the Cuban support as it had involved loss of Cuban lives. This is the quote.

    “The decisive
    defeat of the aggressive apartheid forces destroyed the myth of the
    invincibility of the white oppressor. The defeat of the apartheid army served
    as an inspiration to the struggling people of South Africa. Without the defeat
    of Cuito Cuanavale our organizations would not have been legalized. The defeat
    of the racist army in Cuito Cuanavale made it possible for me to be here with
    you today. Cuito Cuanavale marks the divide in the struggle for the liberation
    of southern Africa. Cuito Cuanavale marked an important step in the struggle to
    free the continent and our country of the scourge of apartheid.”

    A lot of the arguments that you and others are making is that you see major differences between both leaders. But there is no evidence that Nelson Mandela saw any of this or that he became a “running dog of the right”. Brazil is a similar situation. Lula and Dilma both took a different path from Fidel but they have never condemned him and still have more in common with Cuba than with the US.

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