Fidel Castro Turns 85, Gala Concert

A video was played of Fidel giving one of his famous speeches. Photo: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS

HAVANA TIMES, August 13 — Cuba’s Fidel Castro turned 85 on Saturday, just over five years after his adversaries in Miami had sought to rent the Orange Bowl to celebrate his death.

To  welcome the occasion a number of Latin American and Cuban singers and musical groups performed in a “Serenade of Fidelity” at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana on Friday night.

The event was organized by the Guayasamín Foundation founded by the late famous Ecuadorian painter and friend of Castro.

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After retiring from his government and Communist Party posts, Fidel Castro is now considered a senior statesman and chief advisor to his brother President Raul Castro, who took over the helm back in August 2006.

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  • VIVA FIDEL!! para siempre!

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