Fidel Castro Visits Revolution Square

HAVANA TIMES, July 27 — Wearing his olive green uniform, former President Fidel Castro this Monday placed a wreath at the base of the enormous white marble monument to Cuban independence hero José Martí in Revolution Square and later spoke with a group of intellectuals, including some journalists from the official media, reported IPS.

The new public presentation of the recovered historic leader of the Cuban Revolution coincided with the 57th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks, commemorated in the central city of Santa Clara.  Fidel Castro did not attend the commemoration.

One thought on “Fidel Castro Visits Revolution Square

  • Since Fidel Castro clearly has limited time left on this Planet, he must really strive to use his prestige among the cuban citizenry to seriously tackle the pressing issue of the seized-up machinery of the cuban state — which he in fact is most responsible for creating. For him to die while the crisis of Socialism on the island remains barely tackled — or even acknowledged — would be the worst sort of legacy. We don’t need a ‘Soviet Union Part Deux’ here, or a ‘North Korea West’, do we now?

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