Fidel Castro Visits with Frei Betto

Frei Betto with a Brazilian MST Landless Workers Cap.  Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Frei Betto with a Brazilian MST Landless Workers Cap. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 25 – Brazilian theologian and prolific author Frei Betto visited Fidel Castro on Saturday afternoon in Havana, in a meeting of old friends.  Among his many books Frei Betto interviewed Fidel Castro for the widely published l985 work “Fidel and Religion.”

The Cuban press noted on Sunday morning that Frei Betto has been a friend of the Cuban Revolution for over thirty years.  The author often attends and lectures at the annual Cuba International Book Fair that takes place each February.

Betto and Castro reportedly discussed the role of ethics and human relations in governing and the advances of the progressive social movements in Latin America.  They also shared opinions on the influence of the mass media in society.

One thought on “Fidel Castro Visits with Frei Betto

  • There is no contradiction between authentic spiritual faith and authentic socialism. The fact that Marxism has often motivated state socialist regimes to misunderstand and persecute religious faith is a reflection on Marxism, not on spiritual faith.

    An official, sincere apology is due to anyone persecuted or imprisoned for religious beliefs. An apology especially is due from our beloved Fidel (who can speak on behalf of every Cuban and every true socialist) for the misunderstanding and persecution of Jehova’s Witnesses.

    When Engels and Marx entered the socialist movement in the mid 1800s, the capitalists must have jumped for joy. These two individuals spat on religion and alienated over half the population from socialism.

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