fidel-castro-nicolas-maduro-la-habana-20-de-agosto-20147-580x417HAVANA TIMES — After several months of silence, Fidel Castro published today on the front pages of the Cuban newspapers his open letter to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in the wake of the resounding electoral defeat of his United Socialist Party in legislative elections last Sunday.

The following is the complete text (official translation) of Castro’s letter to Maduro.

Fidel’s Message to President Nicolás Maduro

Dear Nicolás:

I share the unanimous opinion of those who have congratulated you for your brilliant, valiant speech on the night of December 6, as soon as the election’s outcome was announced

In world history, the highest level of political glory which a revolutionary can reach, is that of the illustrious Venezuelan combatant, Liberator of America, Simón Bolívar, whose name now belongs not only to this sister country, but to all peoples of Latin America.

Another Venezuelan official of honorable legacy, Hugo Chávez, understood and admired him and struggled for his ideas until the last moment of his life. As a boy, attending elementary school in the country where the poor children of Bolívar were obliged to work to help support their families, he developed the spirit in which the Liberator of America was forged.

The millions of children and youth who today attend the largest and most modern system of public schools in the world are Venezuelan. More can be said about the country’s network of medical care centers and the attention paid to the health of its people, brave but poor as a result of centuries of plunder by Spanish colonialism, and later by huge transnationals, which for more than 100 years extracted from its entrails the best of the immense oil reserves nature bestowed on this country.

History also bears witness that workers exist, and make possible the enjoyment of nutritious food, medicine, education, security, housing and the world’s solidarity. You could ask the oligarchy, if you like: Do you know all of this?

Cuban revolutionaries – just a few miles from the United States, which always dreamed of taking possession of Cuba to make it a hybrid casino-brothel, as a way of life for the children of José Martí – will never renounce their full independence or respect for their dignity.

I am sure that human life on Earth can only be preserved with peace among all peoples of the Earth, and acknowledgement of the right to make the planet’s natural resources common property, as well as the sciences and technologies created by human beings to benefit all of its inhabitants. If humanity continues along the path of exploitation and the plunder of its resources by transnationals and imperialist banks, the representatives of states meeting in Paris, will draw the relevant conclusions.

Security does not exist today for anyone. There are nine states which possess nuclear weapons. One of them, the United States, dropped two bombs which killed hundreds of thousands of people in just three days, and caused physical and psychological harm to millions of defenseless people.

The People’s Republic of China and Russia know the world’s problems much better than the United States, because they were obliged to endure the terrible wars imposed on them by fascism’s blind egoism. I do not doubt that, given their historical traditions and their own revolutionary experience, they will make the greatest effort to avoid a war and contribute to the peaceful development of Venezuela, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


Fidel Castro Ruz

25 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Writes Maduro after Electoral Defeat

  • Ben, seriously, a tourist watching CNN in a resort hotel room in Varadero is not the same thing as Cubans being able to watch CNN in their homes.

    Satellite dishes are illegal in Cuba. Which is why some Cubans who have managed to obtain one hide the dish inside empty water barrels or other forms of camouflage.

    Cuban newspapers report on life in the USA in a very selective & highly critical tone. No doubt it’s one you would find agreeable. But independent journalists are routinely harassed and arrested.

    There are parts of Havana you would be advised not to wander around late at night. But for the most part, the Cuban people know not to mess with a tourist. The regime protects their meal-ticket.

    You see very few ambulances racing around in Havana because there are very few ambulances. A recent article here at HT commented on the serious shortage in ambulances. And just because you don’t see uniformed police in marked cars does not mean there are no police about. Havana has a high percentage of uniformed police, plus a large number of plain clothed officers and agents of the Ministry of the Interior.

    If you think Cuba is a socialist paradise, don’t tell me about living in a fantasy world.

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