Fidel Castro Writes to Cubans on His 89th Birthday

Fidel Castro in his most recent public appearance in July, 2015.
Fidel Castro in his most recent public appearance in July, 2015.  Photo: Estudios Revolución

HAVANA TIMES — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro, celebrating his 89th birthday on Thursday, is on the front page of the official Granma newspaper and heading all news programs to remind everyone of the damage caused Cuba by the United States and the “due compensation” the island deserves.

His message comes a day before the visit of US Secretary of State, John Kerry for the reopening of the US embassy in Havana.

Cuba is owed many millions of dollars in compensation, wrote Castro in reference to the island’s claims related to damages sustained from the half century US embargo on the island.

Under the historic rapprochement with the United States, Fidel’s brother and current president, Raul Castro, has previously demanded the payment of compensation as a condition for full normalization of bilateral relations. The US, on the other hand, wants Cuba to compensate US companies nationalized in the early years of the revolution.

In his new “reflection”, Fidel Castro also criticized the historical role of the US as a world power, recalling the dropping of atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago.

“The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food, security, culture, science, and wellbeing, that is, the same rights we proclaimed when we began our struggle, in addition to those which emerge from our dreams of justice and equality for all inhabitants of our world, is what I wish for all,” wrote the historic Cuban leader his text entitled “Reality and Dreams“.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State John Kerry will preside over the ceremony Friday to officially reopen the US embassy in Havana, with the hoisting of the flag of the bars and stars at the building located opposite the emblematic Malecón seawall.

The US and Cuba resumed their diplomatic relations on July 20 after half a century of rupture and ideological confrontation. The Cuban embassy officially reopened its doors that day in Washington in a ceremony headed by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

The historic thaw between the two countries was announced unexpectedly on December 17, 2014 by Raul Castro and Barack Obama. Washington and Havana then negotiated for six months on the conditions to reopen their embassies closed in 1961.

35 thoughts on “Fidel Castro Writes to Cubans on His 89th Birthday

  • What Is the relevance of restrictions placed by the US Government upon its citizens to the Cuban people wishing for freedom? The Havana Times is about Cuba and Cubans. Get on a different blog if you merely wish to berate the US.
    Finally it is in extremely bad taste to make an implied joke of those Cubans who have risked their lives in endeavoring to achieve freedom by rafting to the US – many of them died in their endeavors!
    Would you have their courage?

  • Put bluntly: Balderdash!
    The preamble about “americans” is irrelevant and the statement that Cubans love the Castros is baseless.
    Only one part is correct, that is that Cubans love their country, so do I and I love our home community there, respecting the actual views of Cubans – hence I can state that the Cubans do not love the Castros.
    Many however after 56 years of propaganda put out in the schools on TV, in the Communist Party newspapers and on hoardings across the country by the Propaganda Department of the Commmunist Party of Cuba, think of Fidel Castro (not Raul) as a sort of non present giving Father Christmas and Che Guevara as the equivalent of Robin Hood. But when asked, they invariably would like a multi-party political system (not US two party system), freedom of expression and freedom of information.

  • Batista and his henchmen fled to Danto Domingo and from their to Portugal. He, and his money, did not come to the U.S. Does that answer your question.

    ….besides, that was almost 55 years ago. Is that all you Castro supporters can come up with? You drag out the dead cat to bet up on time and time again.

  • ….and still they come! …..says a lot about Cuba, and the USA.

  • No, the Castro family regime took power at the end of a gun barrel, never held elected office, and has never given up power, unlike the other names you mentioned.

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