Film ‘Juan of the Dead,’ Nominated for a Goya

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban film “Juan of the Dead,” by Argentinian filmmaker Alejandro Brugues, is among the thirteen movies nominated for Best Latin American Film in this edition of the Goya Awards, EFE reported.

The Cuban film is accompanied by 7 cajas (Paraguay), Despues de Lucia (Mexico), Febre do rato (Brasil), Infancia clandestina (Argentina-Brasil-España), Joven y alocada (Chile), La playa, DC (Colombia), Patas arriba (Venezuela-Colombia-Brasil), Tr3s Marias (Costa Rica), Tres (Uruguay), Cielo oscuro (Peru), Florbela (Portugal), and Pescador (Ecuador).

The 2013 Goya awards ceremony will take place on the evening of Sunday, February 10, according to the article.