Film on Cuban Security Agents Monday

HAVANA TIMES, Nov. 30 — Co-directors Bernie Dwyer and Roberto Ruiz Rebo will be showing their documentary about the lives of four Cuban state security agents on Monday December 6 on the program of the Havana Film Festival which runs from Dec. 2-12.

The Day Diplomacy Died” written and directed by Dwyer and Ruiz covers events of Spring 2003 with the dramatic story unfolding in Cuba about “Fidel Castro’s Crackdown: Jailing of 75 journalists.”

The documentary “tells the story behind the headlines and inside the lives of the Cuban agents who spent several years working undercover to expose the truth,” state the filmmakers.

The premiere showing is on Monday December 6th, 12:30 pm in Sala 2, of the Multicine Infanta cinema.

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One thought on “Film on Cuban Security Agents Monday

  • Terrific film – go see it.

    Only one piece of obvious disinformation, a classic, from Vicki Huddleston formerly of the US interests section in Havana who suggests that 24hours was too short to convict the “dissidents” of their crimes. Well Vicki, its kinda hard to prolong a trial where the accused pleads guilty! In most jurisdictions a guilty plead eliminates the need for a public examination of the evidence at all and the legal process proceeds directly to sentencing.

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