Five Cubans among victims in Barcelona and Cambrils

Attacks have left victims of about 20 different nationalities, five Cubans among them

By Cubadebate

HAVANA TIMES  — The Barcelona attack on Thursday, which left 13 people dead and a hundred injured, and the following terrorist attack in Cambrils (Tarragona) have left people of over 20 different nationalities dead and injured, the Spanish Civil Protection Agency and different media outlets announced this Friday.

There were minors among the victims on the famous Rambla promenade who were of Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Argentinian, Venezuelan, Belgian, Peruvian, Romanian, Irish, Cuban, Greek, Macedonian, British, Austrian, Pakistani, Taiwanese, Canadian, Ecuadorian, US, Filipino, Kuwaiti, Turkish and Chinese nationalities.

“It was clearly a terrorist attack, with the intention of killing the highest number of people possible,” said Josep Lluis Trapero, a high-ranking police official, at a press conference.

The preliminary report, which mentions these nationalities among others, still doesn’t specify whether the people on the list are causalities or injured victims.

The Cuban Embassy in Spain and its Consulate in Barcelona have been keeping in touch with the families of the four Cubans who were injured in Barcelona; a fifth Cuban suffered light injuries in the attack in Cambrils and was released from hospital fairly quickly.

Cuban president Raul Castro Ruz sent a message today expressing his deepest condolences to the Spanish Head of State, and that the Cuban ambassador in Madrid, Eugenio Martinez, has done the same to the Spanish authorities.

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  • The Islamist terrorists don’t care who they kill. Cuba has to date avoided the problem. But cosying up to Saudi Arabia may well bring some problems. Imams play a key role.

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