Food for Havana Residents May 26-June 1

A neighborhood “bodega” shop. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – We present the list of the protein products that Havana residents can purchase with their ration booklets at their neighborhood bodega stores during the week of May 26 to June 1.

The portions are distributed by month on a weekly rotating basis in the 15 municipalities of the capital. Havana residents also receive a quota of rice, sugar and a small amount of beans or peas, salt, coffee and matches.

CHICKEN (1 lb per consumer and medical diets): Conclude distribution in Diez de Octubre, Plaza and Marianao; Distribute in San Miguel, Guanabacoa and Boyeros.

FLAVORED HASH (½ pound per consumer): Conclude distribution in Old Havana.

MORTADELLA (½ pound per consumer): Conclude distribution in Cerro and Arroyo Naranjo; Distribute in Cotorro.

EGGS (5 per consumer and medical diets as applicable): Conclude distribution in Playa, Marianao, Arroyo Naranjo, Cerro and La Lisa; Distribuite in Cotorro, Plaza, Regla, Old Havana, Centro Habana and San Miguel.

CHICKEN BY FISH (11 ounces per consumer and 6 lbs of frozen fish with head and tail for medical diets and special diets for children from 0 to 18): Conclude distribution in Boyeros, Arroyo Naranjo and Miguel Arroyo .
Source : Empresa Provincial de Comercio La Habana