French Communist Predicts a Favorable Vote for Cuba at the UN

HAVANA TIMES — The Latin America contact for the French Communist Party, Obey Ament, is predicting a crushing vote in favor of Cuba when the UN General Assembly presents a report this coming Tuesday on the US embargo of the island.

“It would be very honorable if one of the first decisions made by President Barack Obama after his being reelected were to lift the blockade against Cuba,” said Ament, who considers that policy to be one of the greatest outrages in the world today.

Like on previous occasions, it is certain that the vote in favor of Cuba will be overwhelming, which means there exists a global consensus against this policy, reminded the French communist leader.

Last year 186 countries were in favor of lifting the embargo during the twentieth consecutive poll conducted by the international organization.

One thought on “French Communist Predicts a Favorable Vote for Cuba at the UN

  • Where is the news value to the prediction of this French communist when everyone predicts the same outcome?

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