Fujimori Gets Pardon Deal in Peru

Imprisoned for Ordering Death Squad Massacres

Protests erupted in Peru over the release from prison of Alberto Fujimori. Photo: Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES –Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski pardoned former president Alberto Fujimori on Monday and protests erupted immediately, reports Democracy Now.

Fujimori, who was imprisoned for numerous crimes including ordering massacres by death squads in the 1990s, was released from prison.

Many saw the pardon as a tradeoff between the current president and the opposition legislators.

Only days earlier, lawmakers aligned with Fujimori helped the current president, an ex-Wall Street banker, avoid being impeached on corruption charges, notes Democracy Now.

One thought on “Fujimori Gets Pardon Deal in Peru

  • Send Fujimori back to prison

    From that moment, in Cusco, where I was, in Lima and in other cities, people went out to the streets, abandoning their Christmas dinner. In Lima, the capital, the demonstration intended to go to the Government Palace – the seat of government -, but in the face of police opposition went to the residence of the president. The videos show the protesters pushing against police shields.

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