Full Speed Ahead in Nicaragua for Mass Covid-19 Spread

VP Murillo promotes over 2,800 weekend activities thoughout Nicaragua as Covid-19 continues to claim lives

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega are the only rulers in Central America who have not implemented forceful measures to confront Covid-19.  Photo: el19digital.com

By Roy Moncada  (La Prensa)

HAVANA TIMES – For the second consecutive weekend and in the middle of the exponential curve of infections by Covid-19, the Ortega regime will promote massive activities in the country, foreseeing for this Saturday and Sunday more than 2,800 activities between fairs, sales and traditional patron saint and religious celebrations.

The announcement of the busy weekend of public activities was made by Murillo, the First Lady, VP and the only government spokesperson, on her daily address on governmental and private family radio and television stations.

“More than 2,800 activities: fairs for the family economy, the creative economy, entrepreneurship, as well as the traditional patron saint and religious celebrations of our people,  our town, especially those who celebrate Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Diriomo, Nandaime, Granada, Cárdenas and Tola this weekend,” Murillo listed.

“Unbelievable,” says doctor

Dr. Javier Núñez, vice president of the Nicaraguan Medical Unit, criticized the call for so many events for this weekend once again going against the recommendations of doctors and international health organizations.

“It is astonishing and totally irresponsible to want to manage this type of pandemic by promoting massive activities, crowds, cultural and sporting events, and others. It can’t be. This is not haphazard it’s planned with treachery and premeditation, leading people to succumb to this pandemic with catastrophic results of death,” Núñez reacted.

The doctor sees intent for a collective genocide and clarified that the country continues on its exponential curve. He notes that the regime implements actions to make it appear that all is normal, and the drama is invisible. “Here the only way to stop infections is a voluntary quarantine,” he said.

The previous weekend, Murillo promoted fairs, parades, artistic festivals, municipal choirs and dance events in the city of León for the celebration of the 496 years of its foundation, ignoring the warnings from doctors that carrying out activities of this type will enhance the spread of Covid-19.

In its last report on June 23rd, the Ministry of Health reported 2,170 positive cases of the virus and 74 deaths, widely considered a deliberate underestimate. The Citizens Covid-19 Observatory reports 6,775 suspected cases and 1,878 deaths.

Despite continually promoting mass public activities Murillo and Ortega do not attend any and, in fact, have not been seen outside of their residence/presidencial bunker since late February.